G4S is continuously innovating to stay abreast of technological advancements. We have developed market-leading software and technology solutions to optimise your investigative program.

We operate within a paperless office with our IT system COG, which is specifically designed for managed caseloads. Our Case Managers and senior employees use this system to provide excellence in service, whilst maintaining confidentiality and providing data integrity. We have located server in Dublin, so all client data remains in Ireland.

Our proprietary, online, case management portal allows claims staff and management to efficiently and securely view and collaborate on files with the ability to assign and review work product in real time, while supporting a paperless environment. With advanced security features and access for all stakeholders, this collaborative approach enables staff to share work product, communicate with legal teams and clients, track assignments, review video and more.

Our video sharing platform allows us to communicate video from surveillance and accident investigations with clients via our portal. This is of particular interest to clients who need to share the video with Solicitors and others, whilst keeping it more secure than standard DVD’s or USB memory.

A remote interview platform capable of recording live interviews, which are available to the client within minutes of conclusion through MJM’s global case management platform. The interview platform will also consist of a self-interview feature which will allow the client to design specific questions.

  • Screen share Google Maps, photographs, documents and video
  • Top-level network security
  • Multi-party functionality
  • Bookmarking functionality
  • Instant connection any time, anywhere